This is how it works...


CellAid’s integrated health approach with tailor-made infusion therapy aims to achieve and/or maintain good health and a general feeling of well-being attaining harmony of body, mind and soul.

This is why, at the beginning of the treatment, our therapists take however long it requires to listen to – and understand our clients’ medical history and personal background. The length and cost of the treatment depends on the individual medical conditions and the kind of therapy that will be prescribed.


Send your reports

Most important for us is to check all of your relevant medical reports and information as carefully as possible. Our medical team is quite experienced in finding "a needle in a haystack". This requires a fundamental analysis what will help to choose the best route of treatment for you. CellAid’s healthcare team might recommend some further diagnostics to get to the bottom of your situation, to find out about the reasons behind your symptoms/disease. Our medical and administration team is at your service around the clock to answer any queries. 


Your tailor-made health solution

Upon receiving all relevant, medical records and information, CellAid’s team develops an individualized, highly advanced treatment concept for you. It is designed according to the medical necessity as well as to your personal opportunities. 



Manufacturing Process

The German high tech GMP laboratory we cooperate with produces your medical attachments (such as infusion medication)  according to the CellAid treatment plan.



We ship the medical products and the detailed CellAid treatment plan within shortest time to your home address or to one of our partner clinics in your vicinity. You’ll have access to the tracking link to find out when your CellAid package will arrive.



During your CellAid Treatment:

To provide you with the best care possible our healthcare team will stay in close, regular contact with you and will ask about your condition and developments. The plan will be adjusted whenever the situations requires.


After your CellAid Treatment:

Our healthcare team will be available for you during the whole process and afterwards. Further steps will be recommended and summarized after your therapy in consultation with you and/or your physician.